Q: How do your prices compare to other fence companies?

A: American Discount Fence almost always has some sort of special or sale running. But even when we don’t, you’ll find that our quality of fencing material we sell speaks for our general pricing. We offer some of the best market value in the South Jersey area and we are always working to add valuable choices to our catalog.

Q: How much fencing material do I need?

A: You have several options when it comes to determining how much fencing material you’ll need for your project. You can either bring your survey plan into our showroom, fax it to us, or email it to us. Include your instructions or notes regarding what areas you’d like to have fenced in. We can also send someone to your home to give you a FREE in-person estimate.

Q: How long will it take to have my fence installed?

A: While your installation may be sooner, the average wait is between two and four weeks.

Q: Do I have to wait until spring to have my fence installed?

A: No. We can install fences at almost any time of year in the Tri-State area, weather permitting.

Q: Which is better – vinyl or wood?

A: While wood fences do typically cost a little bit less initially, they erode and have a shorter lifespan and they definitely require more in terms of regular maintenance. Vinyl fence has a higher upfront cost, but is considered the most low maintenance option.

Vinyl Fence looks great and ours comes with a lifetime warranty. We understand that you might be on the fence about which type to choose for your own home based on design and personal taste. Ask our Design representative to give you a quote for each options so you can make the choice that is right for you.

Q: How long do vinyl fences last?

A: Every fence we install comes with a lifetime warranty. The vinyl fencing material we use is made from a material similar to that which is used for vinyl siding and windows; material that has already been proven to last when exposed to weather.

Q: How strong is vinyl fencing?

A: The formula used to design our vinyl fencing was specially made to create a durable product that can resist wear and tear and normal breakage while giving it a long life. American Discount Fence has been installing vinyl fencing since it was created and we have not noticed any damage that could not be explained.

Even if you do have major damage – from a tree or car accident, for example – it is easy to replace small parts of a vinyl fence. You’ll have a like-new fence without purchasing large, unnecessary pieces.

Q: Does vinyl burn?

A: Vinyl, or PVC, is graded with a 900 degree F flashpoint. It is not easy to ignite and is formally classified as a self-extinguishing material.